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Creative Christians 2015 - 2016 School Year

Creative Christians 2015 Logo
Creative Christians September 2015

Welcome Back!!

We will be meeting in the North wing of NSUMC campus this semester on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 5:30 P.M.

Continuing with the "Mission Impossible" theme our special agents will engage in some intense missions that will require their special art skills and creativity.

September is the month to decide our direction, enroll, and train students and their families, and commit the future.

I will share the vision for our journey and some basic info but each "special agent" will have their own duties designed just for them based on their qualifications, interest, and abilities.

    Our vision includes sharing our Christian faith by:
  • Showing love to others
  • Praising God for our blessings
  • Sharing our gifts of creativity
  • Utilizing our surroundings
  • Reaching out into the community
  • Research and recording our journey
  • Having fun

This message will SELF-DESTRUCT when you delete it. If you choose to be a part of this team you will need to contact Janet Flournoy at headquarters (NSUMC) using the following code .... . .... . "The Lord Be With You."

Creative Christians Outreach

This year Creative Christians will be participating in outreach programs. Your involvement is essential to the success of the program.

Foster Care

We have prayer pals with the Kisha's Group Home for foster children. Through the year each CC student will have names of children to pray for during class. We would also make "care cans" with little trinkets and treasures, cards, and seasonal gifts.

September 1st

We have cards and bookmarkers ready to be delivered.

Our hope is that maybe the foster children can come to our Christmas sing-a-long (Which will be on Sunday afternoon!)

-Bookmark Making

Bookmark Making


September 8th-15th

These weeks we will be making tags for the suitcases that will be delivered to foster children ageing out at 18 years old.




NSUMC/ED Fair - September 20th


Please plan to spend 15 minutes to man the Creative Christians table

Sign up now for your 15 minute commitment:

The children can stamp visitors hands with code words so they can visit our mission possible classroom. They can lead people to the classroom for tours.

Congregational Care

For our congregation we have many surprises planned including Christmas accordion books for the elderly shut-ins. This project will be a joint effort between CC and the card ministry

We will also be involved in face painting at church events, puppet shows for the preschoolers and monthly sign-ups to serve as family greeters.

Face painting
Trunk and treat (students will practice in class)
Sign up for sessions of 15 minutes


One of our scriptures this month is "Ask, Seek, Knock, and it shall be opened to you."

If our families commit to one Sunday for the year we could make a difference to a visiting family. A family that would be a connection with our families.

Creative Christians families serve as greeters once a month.

Acrylic Rings

We celebrate every chance we can!!

Students designed and decorated acrylic rings

-September Happy Birthday

September Happy Birthday

-Finished Acrylic Rings

Finished Acrylic Rings
Creative Christians 2015 - 2016 School Year Recap
Creative Cooking

The kids were busy making pumpkin cookies with caramel frosting and cinnamon top pumpkin muffins. We prayed for Miss Janet and her family and miss her!! Our lesson was

Psalm 23


Psalm 23 X

1)The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
2) He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quite waters,
3) he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
4) Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
5) You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
6) Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

-Prep Cooking Pose

Prep Cooking Pose

-Mixing Up Yumminess

Mixing Up Yumminess
Fall Gathering
Fall Gathering
Holiday Schedule

November 10th:  The students will plant their fall garden with Bill and Carol Adams. They can take home one of the spider plants that need transplanting. Fruits of the Spirit Galatians 5:22 - 23

Start scriptural imagery unit. Introduce Christian Action Game, Talk about what it means to have Christian values. Start bell rehearsals.

November 17th:  During class time we will create pictures that describe Psalms 23 and continue to memorize the scripture.

November 22nd:  Thanksgiving Dinner in fellowship hall. Students will recite Psalms 23 and display their artwork.

November 24th Fall Party:  Class will be held at Ms. Janet's house. This will be a time of celebration. Students will use things that we grew in the garden to make ornaments for Christmas.

December 1st:  Cooking class "ms. Suzy Q and her cooking crew" Christmas cookies and deserts for our Music Fest production.

December 8th:  Ornament and gift making. Rehearsals.

December 15th:  Program Rehearsal and gift making.

December 20th:  Music Fest production and potluck.

December 22nd:  Christmas Party at Ms. Janet's house.

December 29th:  Class at Ms. Susan's House.

Discovering Psalms

-Memory of Psalms 23

Memory of Psalms 23

-Psalms 23 Questions

Psalms 23 Questions

-Psalms 23 Interpretations

Psalms 23 Interpretations
Psalms Sign Language

-Signing Above

Signing Above

-Hamming Around

Hamming Around

-Running Words Together

Running Words Together

-Signing Together

Signing Together
Devotional Snacks

-Scripture Over Snacks

Scripture over Snacks

-Thumbs Up Fruit Snacks

Thumbs Up Fruit Snacks

-Donut Chatting

Donut Chatting
Turkey Gourds

-Green Turkey Gourd

Green Turkey Gourd

-Marshmallow Blueberry Eyes

Marshmallow Blueberry Eyes

-Red Turkey Gourd

Signing Above

-Apple Tail Gourd

Apple Tail Gourd

-Pineapple Tailed Gourd

Pineapple Tailed Gourd

-Rainbow Tailed Gourd

Rainbow Tailed Gourd
Decorating Christmas Cookies

-White Frosting Face

White Frosting Face

-Chocolate Syrup Face

Chocolate Syrup Face

-Powder Sugar Giggles

Powder Sugar Giggles

-Shiny White Sprinkles

Shiny White Sprinkles

-Cookie Line Up

Cookie Line Up
Program Rehearsal

-Students Teaching Students

Students Teaching Students

-Students Reading Music

Students Reading Music



-Preparing For Singing

Preparing For Singing

-Singing Silent Night

Singing Silent Night

-Drumsticks by Candlelite

Drumsticks by Candlelite
Christmas Music Fest Production

-Christmas Setting

Christmas Setting

-Class Leader

Class Leader

-Warming Up

Warming Up

-Big Smiles

Big Smiles

-Ready to Go

Ready to Go
Christmas Party

-Chef Sue

Chef Sue

-Preparing Plates

Preparing Plates



-Ready For Chow

Ready For Chow

-Digging In

Digging In
Thank You Christmas Cards

-Wide Eyes

Wide Eyes

-Big Smiles

Big Smiles
Journaling Our Journey

Each week a new journal assignment is given that relates directly to our devotion theme. If you look closely you will see an assignment label in the corner.

-Road to Journey

Road to Journey


February 2016 Schedule

I was so proud of our students that participated in the UMW tea. Their manners and their bell playing was perfectly “refined” for the event.

The following is an overview for the month of February:

February 2nd:
Cooking with Suzy Q Fudge making
Finish preparing valentine’s gifts for the foster children and their adult guardians
Valentine cards for the church staff
Bell Practice for the baby shower
Scene one rehearsal of “A Whale of a Tale”

February 9th:
Valentine’s Art Party at Ms. Janet’s house
Teddy bear Tea party

February 16th:
Scripture Games
Bell rehearsal
“Whale of a Tale” reading and Scene one Video recording

February 21st:
Ms Susan is hosting the baby shower for Pastor David and Katie’s baby boy on the way. The shower starts at 3:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Ms Susan has some fun activities she wants the children to participate in. Our bell song is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. If you have any questions or would like to rsvp, you can reach Susan at ancalasas@aol.com.

February 23rd
Spring games and crafts
“Whale of a Tale” practice and video recording

Diaper Babies

Susan lead the students as they made these cute diaper babies for a church wide baby shower.

-Dressing Diaper Babies

Dressing Diaper Babies

-Diaper Baby Group Chat

Diaper Baby Group Chat

-Nursery Ready Diaper Babies

Nursery Ready Diaper Babies
Valentine Cards and Flowers

Made for the Keisha Foster Children.

-Coloring and Paste

Coloring and Paste

-Caring Message

Caring Message

-Valentine Cards

Valentine Cards
Valentine Art Party
Vintage Little Girl with Valentine Day Card

You Are Invited!!
What:Art Party
February 9th, 2016
3:30 - 5:30 PM
8965 E Wood Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
(480) 650 - 6436

March 2016 Schedule

Spring is upon us! Actually it already feels like summer.

March 1st:
Ms. Susan made taco salad and pimento cream with the students. Afterwards, we worked on the play and actually had some down time outside.

March 8th:
Is spring break for Scottsdale so we will have class in my studio home. The students will work on their artistic abilities through paint and paper.

March 15th:
Is our St Patrick Day party here at my home. Going green theme includes just about everything:
Paint, paper, snack, green grass, recycling and growing spiritually!

March 22nd:
We will be back on the boat, literally!
Our class will be in the NSUMC classroom and back on the boat scene for the “Whale of the Tale” play.
Hopefully we will soon be in scene two, “the ocean blue” filled with mermaids, sharks and scuba diver
Oh! And don’t forget the submarine!

Whale of a Tale Play
The part the student plays was written by what I knew they were interested in. If your student wants a bigger part by way of being in more scenes or having more dialogue I can improvise. The script is not written in stone. If you are offended by anything please inform me immediately. Be prepared to give me an alternative conversation that fixes the script. All things come together at the end as it is written.

Taco Salad Tuesday Cooking with Suzy Q
Taco Salad

We used kidney beans and regular corn chips with sharp cheddar!

  1. 1 large can of Kidney Beans
  2. 1 Head Iceberg Lettuce,(cleaned and torn into bite size pieces)
  3. 1 Envelope of Taco Seasoning
  4. 1 Medium Sized Tomato, diced
  5. 1 Bag of Regular Corn Chips
  6. 1 Bottle of French Dressing
  7. 1 1/2 Cup of Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

In a large bowl add lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Then right before serving add the beans, chips, dressing, and mix.
Little Leprechauns

-Dog Loving Leprechauns

Dog Loving Leprechauns

-Garden Leprechauns

Garden Leprechauns

Little Leprechauns Hide Coins

-Wandering Leprechaun

Wandering Leprechaun
St Patty Day Party

A Beautiful

-A Beautiful Leprechaun

A Beautiful Leprechaun

-Green Noodle Feast

Green Noodle Feast

-Patty Day Crafts

Patty Day Crafts

St Patrick's Day Party
Art projects teaching opaque
and transparent properties

Green spaghetti and alfredo sauce
We used the spaghetti
to write our names in cursive

Easter Party

-Sunny Day For Easter Fun

Sunny Day For Easter Fun

-Chalk Play

Chalk Play

-Oreo Pudding Whipped Cream Gummy Worms

Oreo Pudding Whipped Cream Gummy Worms

-Yummy Dirt Cake

Yummy Dirt Cake
Whale of a Tale Script

Scene One


Benches sideways for rowing
Rutter at the rear
Captain at the bow


dog puppet, drawstring bag, trash, Bluetooth, drum

2 Sailors board:

Sailor One:

Hey how are you? The family doing alright?

Sailor Two:

Oh yea, everybody is great. Even little princess here. (stroke dog)

Sailor One:

I can’t believe the captain lets you bring that mutt on the boat!

Sailor Two:

(cover dog’s ears) Those are fighten’ words. Take it back now!

Sailor One:

Okay, okay I’m sorry. Look let me make it up to you. I have this new invention of mine that I will share with you. (Open drawstring bag) Open your mouth please. Looks like you are missing a few teeth. Don’t be embarrassed I am too. (pop gum into both mouths. It’s good hmm. Soothes the gums.

Sailor Two:

Not bad. What is it?

Sailor One:

Well, my donkey gave me the idea. She has a lot of ear wax so I pull it out, mix it with spearmint, and press it into a button. It’s cool isn’t it?

Sailor Two:

(shrugs and keeps chewing) Yes, quite refreshing. (dog barks)

Sailor One:

You had better hope this is a short trip because if this crew misses breakfast THAT MUTT WILL BE IN TROUBLE, as in yum yum eat him up!

Sailor Two:

How dare you! I can’t talk to you. I have work to do. (stomps off huffing)

Jonah enters:

Permission to board Captain


Sailor, bring him here.

Sailor One:

Aye, aye Captain


I need to go in the direction you are headed. I’m really tired and just want to sleep. Let me down under and you won’t even know I’m here.


What’s the hurry? Are you in trouble or something? Somebody looking for you? (looks over Jonah’s shoulder)


Not anybody you might know. Name is Jonah. Here I can give you this for payment. I’m not sure what it is but all the prophets carry it.


What is it? An idol or something?

Sailor One Leans in to Listen


I’m not sure what it is, but it is quite powerful. (whispers) I can hear voices.


Hmmm, Okay stay below.


Thank you, Thank you.

More sailors board and head to the rowing section
Sailor Two (starts a slow drum beat)
Sailors row to the beat.


Looks like a clear night.

Sailor One:

Sure does. Are you sure you want Jonah aboard?


Why what do you know?

Sailor One:

He is known for his DDD’s


What is a DDD?

Sailor One:

Doom. Destruction and Despair!


What a horrible thing to say about someone. You keep your gossip to yourself sailor.

Sailor One:

(Salutes) Aye, Aye Captain

(cymbols clank) drum beat speeds up. Everyone on board starts swaying together one way and then another)


This is unusual. What’s up with the weather?


(looks toward rowers) Scotty, what is the status?

Sailor Two:

I’m sorry captain. We are given it all we got. We just don’t have the power, sir.

(dog barks)


Throw stuff overboard. Lighten our load. Pray to your gods. If they don’t save us then throw the idols overboard.

(everybody starts picking up trash throwing it overboard.)

Sailor Two:

(sways up to the deck with the captain and sailor one.)

(Sailor One grabs the dog and tries to throw it overboard, sailor two jerks the dog back and grabs the drawstring bag)

Sailor One:

(whining) No! not the gumdrop buttons!


(worried, swaying and looking around.) What to do, what to do!

Sailor One:

All is lost, doom, destruction and Despair, we are all lost.


Captain: (reaches in to coat and pulls out Bluetooth) Sailor!

Sailor One:

Sorry Captain (salutes) yes captain.


Hold the (boat jerks)phone!

Sailor One:

Yes captain hold the phone. (takes the Bluetooth) Hold the phone. What’s a phone?


I don’t know, I said hold the bone.

Sailor One:

I don’t think this is a bone. (looks closely) It looks blue. I know it is a Bluetooth!


Whatever, Jonah had it!

(everyone on the ship says ha ha, then stops and looks at Jonah and then the captain.)


What? (shrugs) he looked alright to me. (yells) Wake him up. (mumbles) how can anybody sleep through this


shudders and wakes up


You! You are responsible for this! Throw him overboard.

(Sailors moan and start to cry while shaking their heads no.)


It’s okay throw me overboard. This is my fault. I should have known I can run but not hide. It is a far better thing for me to die than all of you. Throw me over and the storm will stop.

(Boat tips and Jonah slips and falls overboard)
Storm Stops!


Wow, he really is DDD.

Scene Two

Jaws music
(Fish and sharks swimming as Jonah holds his nose and swings his arms wildly. He gets still and then the snorkelers drag him into scene three)

Scene Three

(Gray backdrop, bench bed, two chairs, a table granola bars and a bottle of water. Bob dressed up like a matrix man shows up while Jonah is snoring.)


(Whispers in Jonah’s ear)


(jerks up)
God is that you?


No, I’m Bob. I’m here about a mission. He slaps a folder on the table.


What? You know about my mission?


No this is about my R and R mission.


Are you resting and relaxing?


No, I’m rescue and return.


Rule number one, we don’t talk about our missions;
rule number two, we don’t talk about our missions,
rule number three..


I know we don’t talk about missions. I haven’t told you my mission. I just told you mine is an r and r.


So what is your mission?


It’s classified.


Classified as what? Vegetable, animal or human?


Jonah, Jonah, here we are in the very belly of a creature.


Weird, (reaches out to touch the wall) I always thought a fish would have a soft red belly.


Focus, why aren’t you in Nineveh? Instead you get on a boat going in the opposite directions.


Sorry, I don’t want to and YOU can’t make me.


You have no idea what I can do.
Look Jonah I know you’re a rebel. I can appreciate that but you are quite valuable. For Pete’s sake they will tell stories about you. You will even have rights to a book.


Who is Pete?


What? Jonah you getting angry every step of the way it is not healthy.


Well I have been really sleepy, actually exhausted. My diet hasn’t had enough fiber. In fact …


Stop, okay here have one of these. (hands Jonah a granoli bar.)

Jonah starts to eat it with the paper on


Wait! (takes off the wrapper and hands him a bottle of water.


Oh I need to remove the skin! This water is really cold, yet I’m kinda warm in here.


If you get out of here alive what do you plan to do?


So I could get out alive? How? Why? This isn’t that bad of a dream. This dream is better than my mission ever was. Why me, Bob?


(angry) Im asking the questions here!


So you have anger issues too..


Jonah do you know what a DDD is?


Yes there is a serious problem with that. Some people say I’m that way. Always talking about the doom of others who are leading destructive lives, never able to focus on a regular job because of the voices in my head which brings me to the part about despair. Bob, I guess I really am doomed.


I don’t think we are talking about the same thing.


Really? I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know Pete,


You know I have been down here 2 days for a DDD. I will be released only if I convince you to complete your mission.


So this is all about you.


Yes, where I come from a DDD means Determined, Driven and Delightful . I get so passionate about my mission that I can get other people excited. I’m here to get you excited about taking a leadership role. Be a man and step up to the plate!


What is a plate?


Listen up Jonah, I don’t expect you to change overnight but I do expect you to take a look at the situation and understand that you are more than a man. You are a prophet. You are special.


Thank you Bob, so are you. The longer I talk to you the better I feel, or maybe it is because I had a really good nap and something healthy to eat.


(Looks around and holds his ear) Yes Sir, Right away sir. I’m leaving now.


Where are you going?


I can’t tell you because it’s classified. (holds his ear) Oh right, Got it right here. You will need this Jonah. Try not to lose this one.


Oh yea I gave mine to the captain.
So when do I leave? Can I leave now?


You still have one more day. Sleep and eat some more bars. Jonah, (puts his arm around Jonah’s shoulders) Jonah, the Lord be with you.


And also with You.

Scene Two Repeat

Rewind Back to Scene One

Sailor Two:

(getting off a boat) Jonah, wait. How did you survive? You’ve been missing for 3 days. How did you return here?


I can’t tell you. It’s classified.

Sailor Two:

Jonah what are you classified as, a vegetable, animal or human?


I ask the questions around here.

Sailor Two:

Guess what Jonah, I’m on a mission too.


Shh, We don’t talk about our missions.

Sailor Two:

I traded some of my gumdrops for your Bluetooth. (whispers) I hear voices now.


What’s a gum drop?

Sailor Two:

Okay, okay. Open your mouth? I see you are missing some teeth. So am I. So here this is really cool.


(chewing )refreshing, soothing what is it.

Sailor Two:

Well Princess (pull out dog) here, gave me the idea. I use her ear wax and the peppermint herb.


Not bad, not bad. (Hold’s ear piece) So long, I’m headed to Nineveh.

Sailor Two:

Nineveh is the other way.


I knew that. The Lord be with you!

Sailor Two:

And also with you.

The End

Whale of a Tale Bloopers
Paper Making

-Handcrafted Paper

Handcrafted Paper

-Drying Handmade Paper

Drying Handmade Paper
Park Day

-Silly Dog

Silly Dog

-All Eyes

All Eyes

-Shade Lounging

Shade Lounging

-Sunny Peace

Sunny Peace
Cheese Who?
Fruit Picnic

-Party Pre-stage

Party Pre-stage

-Gathering Commencing

Gathering Commencing

-Fruit Placement

Fruit Placement

-Fruit On A Stick

Fruit On A Stick
Water Balloons

-Water Balloon War

Water Balloon War - Creative Christians

-Dodge The Wetness

Dodge The Wetness - Creative Christians

-Popped Balloon Pick-up

Popped Balloon Pick-up - Creative Christians

-Surprise Spray

Surprise Spray - Creative Christians
Wet N Wild

-Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack - Wet N Wild -  Creative Christians

-Missed A Couple

Missed A Couple - Wet N Wild -  Creative Christians

-Payback Bucket

Payback Bucket - Wet N Wild -  Creative Christians

-Overhead Gush

Overhead Gush - Wet N Wild -  Creative Christians
Cascading Waterfall

-Getting Wet N Wild

Getting Wet N Wild - Cascading Waterfall -  Creative Christians

-Bucket Fill

Bucket Fill - Cascading Waterfall -  Creative Christians

-Height Line Up

Height Line Up - Cascading Waterfall -  Creative Christians

-Waterfall Chain

Waterfall Chain - Cascading Waterfall -  Creative Christians
Creative Christians 2015 - 2016 School Year Recap
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