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Janet's Planet
revolves around innovative and sustainable gardening methods.

This webpage will provide actual photographs of gardening projects that are taking place in the Scottsdale, AZ Area (one of the most environmentally harshest places on Earth). If everyone in the desert invested the time and energy into gardening like Janet Flournoy does the city could possibly see long term cooling effects and cleaner air to breathe for future generations.


Everything We Do - We Do For A Reason.

We planted our garden with marigolds and cedar chips to keep the insects out.
Ants and aphids had been eating away at the plants in the courtyard.

We Planned Ahead. Who Knew??

We planted tomato, cilantro, oregano, and strawberry plants.
Using the compost from my yard, we transplanted a tea rose sprig, an artichoke plant, and a lot of border grass.
We added marigold plants and seeds, sunflower seeds, lettuce, parsley and lavender.

We Will See What God Has In Store For Us.

The use of burlap and a soaker hose with a concrete border gives me hope that it will prosper until the killer dry heat hits hard in June.

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